PLEASE NOTE: The eighty stories which were published in the Gone Flyin' book are not included in this archive file. A listing of these stories, as well as many of the original photographs and some supplemental information, is available at ,the book website.

Celebrate Winter--12-08-04
There's no sense in letting a few bad days spoil half our year!

Enjoying an easy stretch on the road of life. Includes four pictures.

Hollow Victory--10-20-04
Cruising in friendly air on a dark winter's night. Includes a picture.

Terror Instrument--10-13-04
Another sermon that won't be heard beyond the first pew.

Too Pretty for a Picture--10-06-04
Fifty thousand cubic miles of sunset cannot be captured on a mere photograph. includes three other sunset pictures as a consolation!.

Preparations for winter are cast aside to enjoy a soft autumn day. includes four pictures.

Breakfast in the Garden--09-21-04
Flying, like walking in the garden, is best done in the early morning. includes four pictures.

Circus of the Monsters--08-18-04
Mechanical monsters whoop and roar, to the delight of the smaller machines below.

August Mooned--08-11-04
Maybe we have been mooned this summer. includes four pictures.

Warm Raspberry Pie--07-21-04
A slice of heaven is found just down the road from a country airport. includes two pictures.

Old pilots, old airplanes. Not fast but faithful. includes a picture.

No Sweat--07-07-04
Through the days of our lives, there are lots of things to "sweat"; this summer's temperatures are not one of them. includes a picture.

A Salute to the Farmer--06-23-04
An hour spent admiring the work of our farmers brightens a dull week. includes four pictures.

Morning's Glories, Evening's Worries--06-16-04
A glorious showing of morning clouds warns of thunderstorms for the evening. includes three pictures.

Summer Vacation--06-09-04
I'd like to do lots of flying on my vacation. I'd like to fly someplace different... includes three pictures.

Sunday Services--06-02-04
We can't hug a perfect day and hold it forever, but I've kept the memory of this one. includes three pictures.

A Short trip to Paradise--05-19-04
This airpark has lost none of its charm in the thirty years since I first saw it. includes four pictures.

Hurrah for Dull--05-12-04
A dull day means that nothing bad has happened. includes three pictures.

Consolation Prize--04-28-04
A winning day despite rain, cold, and mud. includes two pictures.

A Parallel Universe--04-07-04
Two pilots, two airplanes, and two completely different ways of having fun. includes two pictures.

Crickets in the Basement--03-30-04
Lots of strange things show up to ride on cargo planes. includes two pictures.

Rambling along on one of the first springtime evenings.

Leap Day--03-13-04
A day when everything went well. includes two pictures

From My Front Porch Lookin'In --02-25-04
The sky and the hills are forever, but little kids grow up so quickly! includes two pictures

Hopelessly snowbound, but rescued by memories. includes two pictures

A sign from above, just as hope was fading. includes a picture

The Briar Patch--01-28-04
Often the gray weather on the ground results in a lovely flight. includes two pictures.

Thank- You, Mr. Paperwork--01-14-04
I fly for free but earn my paycheck by doing all the paperwork.

Feeding a flock of seagulls provides cheap entertainment on a slow day. includes three pictures.

Hello Nick--12-24-03
Farewell to a friend and mentor.

Little Victories--11-14-03
Amidst a salute to simple pleasures, an apology for not writing any Plane Talks since mid- summer. includes a picture.

A Different view --04-31-03
Every spring I marvel at the work done by our under- appreciated farmers. includes three pictures

Half- Light --04-16-03
The sights of deep evening evade the camera. ... includes a picture which offers only a hint of what cannot be captured.

Left Behind--02-19-03
The other guys get to go flying, but I have to take the night off.

A Boring Flight, Filled With Delight--02-05-03
A new camera rekindles an appreciation for "everyday" flights. ... includes several pictures

Making a point about having fun. ... includes two pictures

Unusual yard art leds to an interesting visit. ... includes two pictures

Wonderful Weekend--11-20-02
I really enjoyed two days of terrible weather at home. ... includes a picture of nothing, as viewed through the windshield

Grandpa, What Did the Sky Used to Look Like?--11-13-02
The old goat chews on a favorite tin can.

More thoughts and observations in my continuing fascination with flight.

The Iceman Cometh--10-30-02
An autumn cold front brings a steely flash from the ice man. ..includes three pictures.

Black Velvet--10-2-02
A reverie of night flights that were smoother than the distilled beverage of the same name.

See the USA in Your Chevrolet--9-25-02
A long drive proves much more enjoyable than an airline flight.

The Hot Rod--8-28-02
A simple little ditty about different planes filling different missions.

A town where even pilots can have a ball on their playing fields. ..includes pictures.

Idyll Wandering--7-24-02
A few pleasant surprises on an aimless flight. ..includes two pictures.

A tale of flyin' here, and flyin' there. ..includes a picture.

A Splendid Bounty--7-10-02
Strawberry shortcake is only one of the reasons to go flying in our area.

There are a couple of reasons why I fly; This essay prety well describes one of them. ..includes three pictures.

"Glorious Springtime--6-1-02
Thanksgiving should be in the springtime, after the winter. ..includes a picture.

"Cheap Therapy--5-24-02
Flying is expensive, but less so than psychotherapy.

Stranded alone in my hangar with a broken airplane while the world flies by, unaware... includes a picture.

"The Iron Man, Revisited--4-26-02
Wilbur is surprised to find everyone is celebrating his 80th birthday when he arrives at the airport. includes a picture

"Timing is Everything--4-19-02
The Company provides me a beautiful ride along the seams of the weather.

"Heartbreak Hill--4-5-02
"Mudded in" on a beautiful springtime morning.

"The Luck of the draw--3-27-02
Really bad weather is hard to find.

"The Miner's Canary--3-13-02
Aviation holds ominous hints for everyone's future.

"If at First You Don't Succeed"--2-6-02
"I learned about flying from that".

"An Unsettling Picture"--1-30-02
A Gatsbyesque mansion amid tumbledown farms makes the author wonder where we are going. ..includes three pictures.

"Circular Rainbows"--1-16-02
Faint rainbows circle an airplane's shadow as it skips along the clouds. ..includes a picture.

A one- week return to the Newark run for the busy Christmas season.

"Something Old, Something New"--12-19-01
A classic airplane returns from the brink of death to fly again. ..includes three pictures.

Change is life's only constant, but the changes brought by 9-11 are difficult to put in perspective... includes a picture.

"Hired Help"--6-14-01
Just one of the differences between recreational and professional flying

"Presumption of innocence"--5-7-01
Its not about flying, but its short.

"The Wright Neighborhood"--3-28-01
Its a big sky, but a small world.

"Swimsuit Edition"--3-21-01
If Sports Illustrated can brighten a slow season with flights of imagination, so can I.

"Sharp Scissors"--2-25-01
The contemporary view of risk management, and the rise of the Nanny State.

"Plan for the Worst and the Best is Easy"--2-7-01
Just another morning in Paradise.

"A Sunny Windowsill"--1-30-01
A flight doesn't have to be unique to be memorable.....includes two pictures

"Too Cold for Ice"--1-3-01
Just like it can be too cold to snow, it can be too cold for airframe icing.....includes two pictures

"ITAWT...ITAWA...PUDYE... TTATT"--12-06-00
Whimsical sounding names fly through ATC's jungle.... includes an illustration

"Fuddy Duddy"--8-2-00
Real airplanes pass overhead with a soft rumble... includes a picture.

"Lonesome Town"--7-21-00
It's sad that more people won't expend the effort to learn how to fly.

"An Opportunity is Lost"--6-21-00
Chaff clutters the information age.

"No Place Like Home"--5-31-00
After visiting two other airports, good conversation is found at the home field.

"Different Air"--5-17-00
From thunderstorms to the early morning mists, the atmosphere has many faces.

"Young Bulls, Old Bulls, and Airframe Ice"--4-26-00
The thrills of icing last into April

"Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?"--4-5-00
Daylight Savings Time pushes the morning flight back into darkness.

"Morning Reverie"--2-16-00
Idyll sightseeing on an easy morning's flight.

"Afraid of the Dark"--2-9-00
Night is not so scary once you learn how to see in the dark.

"It's not just a job, it's an addiction"--12-8-99
One good flight always leads to another.

"Of Clouds, Silver Linings, and a Day's Work"--12-1-99
Nobody has it easy; a different job is just a different set of problems

"Life, through the top lenses"--11-17-99
A lazy trip down the river.

Week of July 5, 1999 -- "Art Deco"
The Curtiss C-46 seen in a new light... includes two pictures

Week of June 14, 1999 -- "Numberbound"
Too many numbers, not enough common sense.

Week of June 7, 1999 -- "Sockology"
The humble windsock tells us many things about wind and weather, if not life.

Week of May 24, 1999 -- "Back to the Future"
Next to a hilltop hayfield airstrip, remnants of the past... Includes a map.

Week of May 10, 1999 -- "Birds of a Different Feather"
Grounded by honey-dos, the author appreciates the company of other birds

Week of May 3, 1999 -- "Riding Along on a Carousel"
A clever man shows the world how every communal hangar should be.

Week of April 12, 1999 -- "Aircraft Radio: The Victory of Style Over Substance"
I say again: radios are an accessory, not a necessity

Week of April 5, 1999 -- "Our Gang"
A rambling discourse on learning to fly.

Week of March 22, 1999 -- "A Springtime Funk"
A 1946 Funk is restored in a Tyrone, NY basement.

Week of March 8, 1999 -- "A Midwinter's Day Dream"
Midwinter plans for next summers flying.

Week of February 22, 1999 -- "Good Days Are Where You Find Them"
There is a lot of good flying weather in the winter... Now includes two pictures, added Aug '02.

Week of February 15, 1999 -- "Gratuitous Tech"
A simple mind wrestles with questions of technology in search of practical application.

Week of February 8, 1999 -- "Let's Go Flying"
There is a lot of good flying in the winter.

Week of February 1, 1999 -- "Satisfaction"
a misaligned landing gear is beaten into submission.

Week of January 25, 1999 -- "The Real Thing"
Flying has always been man's ultimate adventure. Why settle for less?

Week of January 18, 1999 -- "Friends"
The purchase of an old plane includes lots of new friends.

Week of January 11, 1999 -- "The Himrod Round-Up"
AWOL bovines are found in a secluded hollow.

Week of January 4, 1999 -- "Form Versus Substance"
Cessna's center- mounted landing light, for instance.

Week of December 21, 1998 -- "No Such Thing As Perfect Safety"
The up side of accidental death is that you never need depends.

Week of November 16, 1998 --- "Mechanic's Helper"
Use valve grinding compound to avoid stripping screw heads.

Week of November 9, 1998 --- "Help Wanted"
A story of our CFI shortage.

First Week of November, 1998 --- "Daddy, Do I Have To Practice Stalls?"
How can someone understand flight if they fear stalls?

First Week of October, 1998 --- "How Can We Call Them Students?"
If students are so inept, howcum they are the ones with the money?

Late September, 1998 --- "Look But Don't Touch"
A local pilot cavorts among the clouds.

Late April, 1998---"Respect for Elders"
A 1938 Cub magneto has a lesson for today

Late March, 1998---"A comtempt for gadgets"
Gadgets inside the airplane detract from the simple elegance of flight. includes two pictures

Early March, 1998---"Another Withering Skill"
A tailspring repair gives insight to the springmaker's art.

Early February, 1998---"Shakedown Cruise"
The Commonwealth stretches its wings for a few hours on a sunny Sunday in February.

Late January, 1998---"I Hate Aircraft Radios"
Radios in little airplanes are expensive sources of disappointment.

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